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Federal Credit Group is the leader in real credit repair, we guarantee results or your money back.We can remove Late Payments - Judgments - Bankruptcy's - Charge Offs - Repossessions - Foreclosures - Liens - Credit Inquires - Collections - Child Support - Taxes & more. Call us today for a free consultation or sign up to get started now.

Why let $49.99 get in the way of removing thousands of dollars of debt from your credit file? For only $49.99, you can have all of your debt wiped away completely. Start your life over with fresh credit and get home loans, auto loans, credit cards, and more. Think about your future. Stop getting denied and start getting approved today.


A Breakthrough
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Federal Credit Group is the ONLY credit repair company that has real time credit repair software. You will be able to log into your account and keep track of your credit score, items on your credit report and all items that have been deleted from your credit file. This software was designed and built just for you. This makes the process fast and simple. No need to stay on the phone with customer service for hours giving them your credit details. Fast, Safe, Reliable and self sustained. Don't get fooled and swindled by other credit repair companies. Let us rebuild your credit today.

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Our experienced staff are trained in consumer protection laws and are certified credit specialist, helping you resolve items on your credit report in the fastest and most effective way possible.
Every credit situation is unique—that’s why we’ve created Credit Cloud, a personalized solution that targets one of five main areas: medical expenses, student loans, military service, divorce, and identity theft.
With our proven software, you can keep track of changes and updates on your credit reports—any time, anywhere with 24/7 credit monitoring, alerts, and expert advice, so you know exactly what’s impacting your credit, and how. We have a credit repair solution for every need.

  • Federal Credit Group saved my family $350 per month on our home mortgage loan. That`s money right in my pocket--month after month! Thanks so much!

    Ronnie Lockhart
  • I have been very pleased with the work federal credit group has done to my credit score. You have boosted it 114 points in 2 months. I have been approved for a home loan and couldn't be more excited. Thank you very much for your excellent service. I will highly recommend your services to others.

    Jen Blackwell
  • I tried several different credit repair companies, they all promised and guranteed the same thing but never lived up to the promises, then a friend told me about Federal Credit Group. I signed up with them after my first consultation and after only 45 days with them I have seen my credit score go from a 488 to 602. I am very pleased with this company.

    Amy Jonstown